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Thoby – I’ll Be There

Thoby – I’ll Be There

Thoby is bringing the feeling of summer with him on his new single I’ll Be There.

The smooth guitars and soft vocals lull you into a false feeling of relaxation right before the chorus makes you wanna get up and dance the night away! Tremendous stuff. This track is perfect to blast out of the car speakers, from your Bluetooth speaker on the beach with friends or at a party.

This is the second single from Thoby to be released through Made2Dance & ToCo Music and our partners. Kontor Records are releasing again in GSA, Radikal Records in the US, David Gresham in Africa and Quattro music in Scandinavia.

Thoby had great success with the last Baby U single: he produced a radio set for Radio in India through our local partner there 9122 Records, was added to many great Spotify playlists all over the world…

Now we are ready to build on that success with this catchy new single I’ll Be There


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