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Shay – Route 2

Shay – Route 2

Introducing Shay, the 2021 embodiment of female attitude, individualism and empowerment,

After having a successful nine-year career as a professional Dominatrix / Financial Dominant, Shay has used her developed unique style and has incorporated it into her music. Using her experience as a Dominatrix, she is confident, charismatic & completely unapologetic in her approach. Proud of her successful career that financed and enabled her to follow her dream, she is now ready to start the next chapter and bring some of her own je ne sais quois to the music industry.

With her passion for EDM music, The Next Room productions (Shays management and production team) got together with Rob Davis, writer of classic dance anthems such as Coco’s ‘I Need a Miracle’, and lyricist Ian Orkin. and combined forces to write and produce Route 2, potentially another dance floor classic to their repertoire. Shays explosive character and performance fitted this arrangement perfectly.OUT NOW on Made2Dance !


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