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Fonsi Nieto & David Ros Feat. Brais – We Are The Universe

Fonsi Nieto & David Ros Feat. Brais – We Are The Universe

The song, created by Fonsi Nieto to raise funds for the Red Cross and Covid-19, in collaboration with David Ros & Brais, becomes an anthem to unity, fight and solidarity.

‘We are the Universe’ is the motorcycle racer and Dj, Fonsi Nieto’s contribution to the aid and solidarity efforts emerging worldwide. The aim of the campaign has become universal, we are all struggling for a common cause to help those affected by COVID-19 and all the front-line workers who are fighting for us.

This is how Fonsi Nieto, together with Clipper’s Sounds,and Made2Dance cooperate in a non-profit project with the Red Cross, the Humanitarian Organization which represents the largest civil and independent aid network worldwide. For over 155 years, the Red Cross, has helped public and private entities to take humanity and dignity to people all over the world, any time under any circumstances.

All gains from the song’s purchase, streaming or any other means of exploitation, as well as all copyright royalties generated, will be donated to the #CruzRojaResponde plan, a specific plan to give a comprehensive action and response for the next two months and which will reach more than 1,350.000 people. With an estimate budget of 11,000.000€ it will mobilize 40.000 volunteers who will bring the planned response across the country through more than 1.400 points of care.

Besides, the ‘We are the Universe’ videoclip will display a direct link to the Red Cross fundraising’s platform, for those who wish to make a direct donation for the cause.
Fonsi Nieto joins the campaign #NuestraMejorVictoria, launched by the elite athletes Rafa Nadal and Pau Gasol, who were followed by other major athletes and artists of the Spanish scene such as Alberto Contador, Iker Casillas, Marc Márquez, Fernando Alonso, Carolina Marín, Carlos Sainz, Julián López ‘El Juli’ or Vanesa Martín, among others. The aim of the Red Cross’ campaign is to raise eleven million euro and aid 1.350.000 people.


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