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Ello – Shuffle

Ello – Shuffle

Made2Dance presents Ello from the sunshine state Florida USA…

Shuffle, a track inspired by the intensity of the festival dance floor. Ello produced this track with the dancer in mind and wanted to create a fun dance floor banger to bring party goers together. He named the track shuffle in reference to the dance he loves seeing ravers do as he performs.

Right from the intro of the song you can feel the intensity of the dance beat. As the track progresses into the first break the shuffle rhythm is introduced into the first drop. At the middle of the track it breaks giving the Party goer a chance to breath before returning back to the Shuffle Beat. Ello showcases his great ear for music and keen sense of what makes a rave. ‘Shuffle’ is the perfect track for the Summer and all subsequent parties, clubs…

Out now on Made2Dance….


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