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Dj Milano – Feel It Tonight

Dj Milano – Feel It Tonight

Made2Dance presents Dj Milanio…!

Belgian ‘Dj Milano’ started developing his dj skills by purchasing cd’s on his 14th. It didn’t took so long before he bought his own dj booth @ home. His family knew immediately that he wanted to go further as a DJ! A few years later he could show his skills @ a café in Antwerp.

He got 2 know the right people and off took off. Later on he got some guest sets @ local party’s and clubs. Today Milano is no longer an unknown DJ. He’s one of Belgiums fastest upcoming dj’s & performed at several mainstages like Beachland, Legacy Festival, Big Bounce Festival, Afterwork Festival, See & Dance… Guest sets @ Tomorrowland, Sunrise Festival, Luna Festa….. Clubs like Noxx, Ikon, La Rocca, Café Local, Volmolen, Reflex… Genres: commercial dance, latin-house, club, R&B, reggeaton, retro, 80’s-90’s …

Milano’s slogan is: ‘Music is the answer’. With ‘Feel It Tonight’ Dj Milano delivers his 4th single, this time with an Official Music Video! Play it loud!!



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