Made2Dance music on Resso.

Made2Dance music soon on Resso.

Formally known as Project M, Resso is the new music streaming service from TikTok owners Bytedance for Android and iOS mobile devices! Introduced in the final weeks of 2019 to India and Indonesia, Resso is a service in a similar vein to Spotify and will be entering Eastern markets and covering new and exciting territories like India and Asia.

With the might of Bytedance behind the service, it would be hard not see this store being a huge success and follow in the footsteps of the global smash that is TikTok. The great thing with Resso is that it’s not just short clips of your music, it is designed to be a fully loaded streaming service with masses of social integration aspects to fully engage with the audience.

We are happy to start 2020 with this news, and be one of the first to get on board. 

Deliveries will commence 17th January 2020 

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