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Made2Dance on TikTok

Follow us We are on TikTok follow us and enjoy the social media video website of 2023, like our channel and make fun…

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Made2Dance Presents:

Made2Dance Presents: Mauritius | Miss Smile | Fandoctor | Lady Sunrise | J-Train | Petri | Del Norte | WVEE | VALX | Mithin | Solid Deaz | Mr.Benno | Parametricz | SAV-17 | Tormen Til | UppatoBe ...

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Made2Dance Agency

Made2Dance start brand new agency Made2Dance Agency is the artist booking department of Made2Dance Records. The International Artist Bookings Agency from The Netherlands. The agency is a full-service bookings agency that anticipates and innovates to provide the rapidly ...

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 WILLAN & CHELERO are back for a new collaboration, after their single ‘Santianna’ played on many radios in France and on internationnal radios (NRJ among others) and still acclaimed today, WILLAN & CHELERO release their new single ‘Catz’ ...

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Made2Dance music on Resso.

Made2Dance music soon on Resso. Formally known as Project M, Resso is the new music streaming service from TikTok owners Bytedance for Android and iOS mobile devices! Introduced in the final weeks of 2019 to India and Indonesia, ...

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Made2Dance Music soon on NetEase! China!

Made2Dance Music soon on NetEase! China! Netease Cloud Music is a freemium music streaming service developed and owned by NetEase, Inc. and is one of the 3 main music streaming services in China. We are excited to add ...

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