Maurits Dofferhoff

Made2Dance Records x Soonvibes

Made2Dance Records x Soonvibes: let us help you discover the undiscovered...Made2Dance signed partnership agreement with Soonvibes the number #1 Music & Talent discovery platform...Send your tracks to professionals and Soonvibes community...Get guaranteed feedback and professional opportunities.

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Made2Dance music on Yandex Music

Yandex is one of the largest technology companies in Russia and offers a number of internet related services and products including the fifth most popular search engine in the world. Yandex also operates, an on-demand subscription and ad-supported ...

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Made2Dance music in TV, film, advertising & games

Made2Dance signs worldwide Non Exclusive agreement Sync deal with a 3party for representing and pitch the Made2Dance music in TV, film, advertising & games They work with a wide network of friendly music supervisors, clients and agencies around ...

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Captain Jack Live Teaser (UHD 4K)

Live-Performance Captain Jack ! Teaser (UHD 4K) including the great songs: Captain Jack (renewed mix) and In The Army Now....

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